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Curriculum Vitae - Mahmood Mirza


2015, Bachelors of Medicine

I finished medical school at the University of Limerick in 2015.  I was class representative for three consecutive years.  During second year, I was an anatomy mentor (similar to teaching assistant) for first years.  I completed clinical rotations in medicine, surgery, family medicine (in Canada as well as Ireland), pediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics & gynecology.
  • 2013: Anatomy Mentor

    Similar to Teaching Assistant to First Years, Medical School

2006, Biomedical Engineering

I studied Engineering Science at the University of Toronto, specializing in Biomedical Engineering Option.  My final year thesis project was “Exploring access alternatives for children and youth with severe disabilities”.
  • 2006: Honours in Biomedical Engineering

    Graduated with honours in 4th year Biomedical Engineering

  • 2005: Project Winner

    Winner of Sensory Communication Project: “Automated pitch and instrument detection”

  • 2004: First Place, Engineering Design Competition

    Winner of Engineering Design Competition, Second Year.  My team mates were Danny Fingas and Valeri Dessiatnichenko


  • 2010: Front Page, Toronto Star

    For the second time, I directed traffic at one of Toronto’s busiest intersections during the worst blackout. This time, I was photographed by the media.

  • 2008: First Medical Device Used in Human

    My first ever medical device that I designed from conception to manufacturing was debuted to treat an 80-year old lady suffering from atrial fibrillation.  Press Release

  • 2002 - 2004: Scholarships

    Recipient of Canadian Millennium Scholarship scholarship in 2003 and 2004, Reach for the Top scholarship in 2002, and High School Computers Proficiency Award in 2002.


Research and Development
Medical Devices


2014 (Jan) – 2014 (Apr): Engineering Instructor to Kids, Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland
  • Teach Engineering concepts to high-achieving children ages 8-13 in a classroom environment
  • Prepare and execute a full-term lesson plan with theory, activities, and enjoyable learning experiences
2013 – Present: Founder and Tutor, Responsible Tutors
  • Founder of Responsible Tutors (www.ResponsibleTutors.com), where all tutors are mature medical students with excellent track records in their primary degrees. Prospective students are matched with the tutor that best complements their subject interest
  • Personally tutor students from primary school to secondary school to university level in mathematics and science subject areas
  • Designed and implemented a website, marketing material, accounting platform, and everything else needed for a small business enterprise
2012 – 2013: Anatomy Mentor, University of Limerick
2009 – 2011: Medical Device Engineer, Philips Healthcare Inc.
  • Lead the design and development of several new products in oncology and cardiology that use EM-guidance for image-guided navigation
  • Helped improve the R&D infrastructure to increase throughput for device development., including supporting management of hardware engineering team, managing the building of a new R&D lab, and improving design and development quality policies.
  • Directly correspond with physicians to improve device concepts, obtain feedback, and perform clinical trials on new devices.
  • Worked with marketing and clinical specialists to translate end-user requirements into design specifications.
2008 – 2009: Volunteer, Hospital for Sick Children

  • Volunteered for a few hours every week to help brighten the mood of young children and their families in the inpatient ward for children under 8 years old

2008 (May) – 2009 (Dec): Chair, For the Children
  • Manage a team of 6 executives and 40 volunteers to raise awareness and fund-raise for Free the Children, Breakfast for Learning, and PQL Community Centre
  • Increased the number of volunteers by 300% through marketing strategies and relationship building
  • Increased revenue by 15% for 2008 and developed strategy to increase revenue by 30% for 2009
  • Created a foundational structure to make the organization efficient and effective
2007 – 2010: Volunteer Teacher, Community Sunday School

  • Taught fundamental of religion to small class of 10-15 boys aged 7 to 15 years

2007 – 2008: Volunteer Tutor, Toronto City Mission
  • Tutored one-on-one mathematics to young, under-privileged children
  • The company is now called Toronto City Mission
2006 – 2009: R&D Engineer / Product Manager, Baylis Medical Company
  • Researched and developed new products in the cardiology line, and maintained and improved current marketed products
  • Successfully led the development of a class II cardiac needle for atrial septal puncture with RF energy from concept to production, and received FDA approval.
  • Corresponded with Electrophysiologists and Interventional Cardiologists on a regular basis for obtaining feedback on products and supporting procedures.
  • Developed a marketing plan for the release of the NRG Transseptal Needle, attended conferences to exhibit the product, and trained and supported all sales staff for North American and European release
  • Managed the feedback loop between customer and design improvements by responding to all defects and failures personally, and developing solutions to recurring issues through the CAPA process.
  • Refined several internal design documentation procedures and forms for improved efficiency, including design inputs documentation, risk analysis, and process validation records.
  • Supervised and evaluated 6 successive Biomedical Engineering Assistants (interns)
2005 – 2011: Tutor, MSB Group, Academic Services, Self-Employed
  • Tutored students one-on-one from Elementary School to University. in Mathematics and Science
  • My first entrepreneurial venture with my brother was the creation of MSB Group Inc., where I helped tutor as well as lead the direction of the company.
2005 – 2011: Technology Solutions Contracts, MSB Group Inc. and Self-Employed
  • Website, logo, brochure, and business card design for MSB Group Inc
  • Network planning, layout, and installation for small businesses: MSB Group Inc.Woodcom-GSV, and others
  • Data protection services for Scarborough Missions School
  • Provide technical expertise in the area of computer networks, software development, and web services
  • Consult with clients directly in certain projects
2005 – 2011: Executive Member, Local Community Branch

  • Executive Member, Local Community Branch, various functions

2005 – 2006: Teaching Assistant, Engineering Design Course
  • Course Instructor: Dr. Reza Emami, University of Toronto
  • Supervised six teams of second year students, leading them through the complete design process
    from proposal to prototype
  • Visit Engineering Design Course website
2004: Tutorial Leader, Department of Engineering Science
  • Conducted first year tutorial sessions for the course “Data Structures and Algorithms”
  • Met with students individually for one-on-one tutoring upon request
2004 – 2006: President, Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association, University of Toronto

  • President of student organization on campus for two consecutive years
  • Maintained local facilities and resources for Mustlim student population, as well as managed two large multi-faith conferences to tackle religion and social issues relevant to the student population, at a scale of over 300 guests and several dignitaries from local and national levels

2003 (Aug) – 2003 (Sep): Security Guard, HP Securities, Part Time
  • Performed security at Docks club downtown Toronto, and at special events like Sarstock Festival in Toronto
2003 (Aug) – 2003 (Sep): Sales Person, Old Navy, Seasonal
  • Sales and customer service representative at one of Old Navy’s busiest location in downtown Toronto
2001 Summer: Telephone Interviewer, SRDC, Part Time
  • Performed Market Research Surveys over the phone with people across Canada
2001 Summer: Ride Operator, Canada’s Paramount Wonderland, Full Time
  • Ensured safety of all passengers of The Bat and The Rage
  • Responsible for maintaining a peaceful environment while enforcing proper rules
2001 – 2002: Sales Person, Roots Canada, Seasonal
  • Sales and customer service during Christmas season at Roots Canada in Eaton’s Centre, downtown Toronto during 2001-2002 Christmas season
2001 (Feb) – 2001 (Jun): Assistant Network Administrator, Realkool.com, Internship
  • Helped install and maintain entire networks for various clients
  • Initiated technical support with clients in need of help with their networks
2000 – 2002: Stock Person, Aldo, Part Time
  • Stock all new arrivals in proper places and maintain the correct order throughout the stock room
  • Perform recall, where certain shoes are sent to other branches of Aldo
2000 (Mar) – 2000 (Sep): Stand Attendant, Sports Service (Sky Dome location), Full Time
  • Prepared food orders passed through the cashiers to the kitchen
  • Helped customers by taking their food orders and performed the duties of a cashier
1999 (Oct) – 2000 (Jan): Telephone Interviewer, Goldfarb Consultants, Part Time
  • Performed Market Research Surveys over the phone with people across North America
1999 (Mar) – 1999 (Nov): Cashier, McDonalds Restaurant Inc. (Sky Dome location), Part Time
  • Greeted customers and helped them with their food orders
  • Performed stocking and cleaning up duties as necessary
1998 – 1999: Newspaper Boy, The Sun, Part Time
  • Delivered newspapers to houses in the East York Region
  • Collected subscriptions from people interested in The Sun


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