Every challenge can be conquered.  Every obstacle can be overcome.  Every person can succeed.  Let Mahmood help you overcome your weaknesses using your strengths through teaching creatively, passionately, and interactively.

1 on 1

Group Sessions

Summer Sessions

Exam Prep

Enrichment Courses


  • Mathematics

    General, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics

  • Physical Sciences

    hysics, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry

  • Medicine

    Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Histology

  • Computer and Electrical

    Computer Science, Programming Languages, Control Systems, Information Technologies

  • Professional Exams


  • Strengths / Weaknesses

    After some self-reflection, specify your strengths and weaknesses. Think about them in the context of the specific subject, and external factors like study environment, study habits and behaviours.

  • Learning Style

    Think about the best way you like to learn, and the best way the subject matter should be presented. Are they aligned? Where's the disconnect?

  • Study Plan

    Create a study plan that effectively tackles the weaknesses while trying to use the strengths, in a way that is appealing to your learning style.

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